Anesthesia ultrasound

UGA-100 is an anesthesia ultrasound that can be freely switched between tablet and desktop

Full touch screen and dual probes simplify the operation process and greatly improve work efficiency

The desktop bracket can be docked with the trolley base, and the plug will be connected automatically

The battery of the desktop base can provide longer battery life, the operation panel is easy for doctors to operate, and the base will charge the tablet when it is connected to the power supply

Adjustable desktop mode and liftable base

The compact shape leaves more space for the operating room where land is expensive, and the fast and convenient operability provides convenience for emergency occasions

  • Full touch screen
  • Longer battery life
  • Easy to operate
  • Dual probe
  • Liftable base
  • Compact shape
  • Automatic docking
  • Automatic charging
  • Tablet/desktop switching

Feature selling points

  • T-shaped linear array probe

  • Host/desktop mode free switching

  • Dual batteries for long battery life

Ergonomic design, making your work as light as possible

  • ① Electric control rising

  • ② Electric control lowering

  • ③ Desktop tablet mode

Unique, suitable for work rhythm, and unparalleled use experience

  • Integrated probe cup to simplify cable management

  • Physical button and rotate button

  • Lift and press fast, switch operating mode

  • Double probe mode, one button switching