Urology ultrasound

Fusion ultrasound integrated platform

Simple, smart , specially designed for the operating room

3D volumetric probe ultra-fast scanning imaging, intelligent algorithm for automatic fusion of multiple images

MRI-US fusion, combining the accuracy of MRI positioning and the convenience of ultrasound guidance, significantly improves the positive rate of biopsy and increases the proportion of CsPCa found positive rate

Targeted biopsy through the perineum, hovering at any angle, no blind area, reducing the rate of missed diagnosis

  • Integrated platform
  • Fast scanning
  • Any angle hover
  • Simple atmosphere
  • Improve positive rate
  • Non-blind biopsy zone
  • Smart and lightweight
  • Targeted biopsy
  • Reduce missed diagnosis

Automatic navigation during biopsy

  • Rapid identification

    Quickly identify lesions and accurately intervene in target areas

  • High quality images

    Increase the success rate of biopsy interventional surgery

  • Three dimensional memory

    Pre operative planning of three-dimensional point selection and three-dimensional memory of biopsy point

  • Precise positioning

    3D space precise positioning, to help late focal treatment

Fusion imaging iStack function

  • In cavity linear array probe, fast scanning in 40 seconds

    High definition/ High resolution/ To be subtle and complete

  • Convenient to view at any angle/ Scanning section image


  • Abundant tissue information and complete anatomical structure to assist more efficient clinical diagnosis

Probe introduction

  • Biplane dual real-time probe

    Fusion imaging via perineal biopsy, prostate anatomy is clearly visible, providing you with rich diagnostic information, one line, one convex, double real-time, puncture guidance, reducing the risk of infection

  • Abdominal protuberance probe

    Assist in kidney scanning, measurement and biopsy, assist in catheterization, drainage and bladder impotence, and increase the success rate of one-time puncture

  • Small micro convex probe

    Assisted percutaneous renal puncture, assisted by intraoperative ultrasound, providing professional solutions for urological applications

Technical highlights